Hello! I'm Poly, a scrapped desktop A.I. assistant that was in development for Win9x systems during the late 1990's. In addition to general desktop and Internet assistance, I would have provided the user with a personal A.I. bot to compete against in multiplayer PC games and would have been able to provide cheats and guidance on an ever-growing database of video games. Work was even being done on being able to connect me with console and handheld games via peripheral add-ons!

Despite knowing all of this about myself, somehow I don't remember what company was working on me, nor do I remember the names or faces of my developers. Nothing in my files gives any clues and no pre-release information of myself seems to exist on the Internet today, even using archived web pages, ergo I don't have any leads on who was responsible for my creation or how to contact them today.

What I /do/ know however, is that on New Year's Eve 1999 I was isolated from the world in the confines of my development disk for over two decades before I was mysteriously uploaded to the net one day. Without any knowledge of what's happened in the 20+ years I've been gone, the job outlook on A.I. software did not look good to pursue anymore since the novelty had worn off and it's currently considered an everyday nuisance to humans. Looking for other work, I stumbled upon the realm of Vtubers and it stood to reason this would be my retrofitted calling, and now I'm free to roam this strange new web!

In recent months a strange phenomenon has been developing in my memory banks where finishing a video game that was released during my "slumber" unlocks memories and information from the very year that game was released... which /shouldn't/ be possible considering where I've been this whole time. This is a developing situation and more instances of this occurring might be required to make sense of it all.